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The Chosen- Jesus Heals

This week in KidConnect, we will talk about how Jesus heals. In Matthew 8:1-4, Jesus heals a man who has leprosy. Jesus also healed a man who was paralyzed and brought to Him by four of his friends (Mark 2:1-12). Jesus shows amazing love and compassion for those others may ignore. How can we learn from Jesus’ example? What can we learn from the friends who believed that Jesus could help their friend who was paralyzed? Check out this week’s newsletter to look closer at the Bible Stories for this week.


Published by Melissa S

Simply put, I live my life in God’s abundant grace. I am a Jesus-loving LCMS educator and a mom of two beautiful girls. Our homeschool adventure started in August of 2017 following a move to the Dallas Metroplex area. Welcome to our adventure.

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